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Governance Jobs in and Outside of IT

Governance may seem like overhead or even a drag on the IT organization. But that isn’t the case. Governance is vital to the effectiveness of IT.

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This week, I’ll finish the series on IT jobs in a full-employment economy by putting a focus on key jobs in IT governance. According to Gartner, IT governance is the processes that ensures the effective and efficient use of IT in enabling an organization to achieve its goals. Governance may seem like overhead or even a drag on the IT organization, slowing it down and making it less responsive. In this post, you will read that this isn’t the case. Governance is needed and vital to the effectiveness of IT.

What Kind of Governance Jobs Are Out There?

In my initial search, I found more than 22,800 open jobs on When you start to search for governance jobs, you find jobs that are within IT and jobs that are outside of IT.
Below in table form is a sample of IT governance jobs within IT. I collected a sample of more than 25 jobs and put them in categories like security, audit and financial management, to name three of the areas that were identified. The nature of these governance jobs is best understood when you analyze and categorize these jobs and review the descriptions. After all, IT governance happens through people with these jobs in IT and other departments.

A Sample of Governance Jobs From Within IT

Focus area Specific job title Brief description
  Cyber IT risk management specialist Conduct enterprise-wide risk analysis for a specific business
  Head of technology services, vulnerability and patch management Lead efforts to extend and refine operations governance and oversight practices
  Analyst, threat and vulnerability analyst
Supports IT governance and provides input for improvements to the appropriate process owners  
  Cyber engagement specialist
Serves as a liaison to ensure cybersecurity’s participation in business and IT initiatives
  Cyber IT risk management manager
Provide assessments to conduct enterprise-wide basis for specific business areas
  IT governance analyst
Handle operation, maintenance, monitoring and implementation of IT security processes, policies and procedures
  IT auditor Responsible for performing assurance and consulting services and audits of information systems and IT work processes
  Inspector general IT auditor Responsibilities include performing IT audits of the development, security and internal controls of IT systems and applications
Financial management IT manager Manage the IT department budgets and expenditures
  IT specialist Responsible for preparing and tracking purchase orders
  resource analyst
Support enterprise functions, which provides governance and oversight to the business
  IT infrastructure architect Oversees and maintains standards across the international IT ecosystem, including infrastructure governance at both the strategic and tactical level
  IT operations manager Understanding of IT governance and operations, IT controls including privacy, security and asset management. Manage the local IT infrastructure, operations and helpdesk.
  IT service management analyst
Build strong relationships with infrastructure and application areas to understand IT needs, IT LOB operating model and service provider accountabilities
  IT technical support specialist
Concentration includes standards and governance, field operations, enterprise provisioning, service desk and end user services
  IT portfolio analyst Responsible for all aspects of internal IT demand management for ensuring the strategic and tactical alignment of the IT
  IT portfolio management analyst
Work with a high-performing dynamic team to develop innovative IT portfolio management and governance solutions for a client agency
  IT compliance analyst Document processes as required in support of the IT control frameworks and governance
  IT governance specialist  Implements IT auditing concepts and strategies  
  IT governance analyst
Aligns IT investments with enterprise business goals
  IT governance manager
Manages IT audit controls used for IT governance risk and compliance processes, as well as services and assets audits
  IT quality analyst
Works with management to drive the data governance committee data quality needs and standards
  Manager of master data management
Provide strategic direction for master data and transactional data governance processes, including governance council   
  Database and infrastructure manager Ability to interact with senior management and program governance regarding IT services such as application integration, testing and maintenance
  IT risk program manager for governance, risk and compliance  Managing complex initiatives, including IT governance, risk and compliance programs
  IT risk advisory analyst Consult with customers to help them adopt IT risk and governance best practices and gain business value
Vendor management    
  IT vendor relationship manager  Establish IT vendor governance and practices for the enterprise. Ensure IT contracts are aligned to IT strategies.
The sample contains jobs within twelve focus areas. It might be surprising to some readers that the domain of governance within IT is so broad. Most of these assignments are narrow in focus  and this is as it should be. Making risk or vendor management someone’s part-time job, second to other responsibilities, destines that roles to neglect with a great potential of lack of attention.  What about governance of IT outside of IT?

Examples of Governance Jobs From Outside of IT

Governance outside of IT could perhaps be better characterized as support for IT but this depends on the nature of the organization. If the company involved is a technology company, then IT is likely to be the business of the business or, at a minimum, a company function that has a significant technology impact. In this case, governance is a better characterization than just support of IT.
Below is a brief discussion of HR, Legal and procurement—departments outside of IT who provide backing to IT.

It’s clear from HR job openings that some individuals in HR are generalist, whereas other specialize. One area of specialization is IT. HR skills in IT are especially strong in organizations that have a significant focus on IT because it’s core to the company, much like banking and insurance. HR professionals in support of IT offer advice and counsel on a broad range of HR issues and challenges faced by multiple levels of managers and executives. They drive the successful rollout of various HR programs for IT related to compensation, rewards and recognition, employee development and career progression, performance management, and workforce optimization.
It’s business as usual for legal support to be provided to IT. The legal team has a role in reviewing contracts from suppliers and in reviewing the output of IT like new software or services. In support of IT, attorneys provide legal advice on software engineering, content and products under development. The scope of their support can also include content distribution, copyright and trademark, open-source software, data privacy and security.
This team has a major role is engaging software, hardware and services in support of IT. A procurement professional needs the ability to conduct market analysis, including market drivers, supplier profiles and relative negotiating positions. The procurement department often leads negotiations with suppliers.
It’s my hope that you have become more aware of the important role of people who work to support IT through governance. It has been interesting for me to explore and learn from the job data.

Next Week

Next week, I’ll start a new series. My focus will be IBM z15, which is the latest member of the IBM Z platform, the IBM z15 (machine type 8561). I’m using recent Redbooks to inform my understanding.
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