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Hybrid Hub: Cloud as a Destination for AIX and IBM i

Power Systems Virtual Servers in the IBM Cloud are now available in Europe.

Photograph of Frankfurt skyline.

Recently,IBM Cloud expanded the availability of IBM Power Systems Virtual Servers on IBM Cloud to IBM Cloud data centers in Germany. This is important news for IBM Power Systems clients looking to increase their geo-footprints and spin up IBM POWER9 processor-based servers in the cloud outside of the United States.
In addition to Washington, D.C., and Dallas, IBM Power Systems AIX and IBM i users can now provision in Frankfurt, Germany with the same scale-out LPARs (up to 15 Cores and now up to 1TB of memory) and enterprise LPARs (up to 143 cores and now up to 16TB of memory). We’ve also evolved to all POWER9 processor-based servers in each data center and increased the allowable memory.

We first launched IBM Power Systems Virtual Servers on IBM Cloud in June 2019 to fill a long-awaited capability for our AIX and IBM i clients to expand the reach of their Power IT resources into the public cloud by deploying both on-premises and off-premises. We are happy to share the news of our Germany expansion, further emphasizing our focus for you, our enterprise clients requiring a hybrid cloud decision framework.


Every Cloud Journey is Unique

We know from thousands of client engagements that every journey is different. You have unique applications and workloads, with industry specific compliance and data residency requirements and resiliency needs—plus additional factors that require greater choice in where you run workloads. Migrating and/or duplicating databases to cloud requires an understanding of what should move where, and when. IBM Power Systems Virtual Servers on IBM Cloud and IBM GTS Services will help you accelerate your journey with hybrid integration to connect your existing apps and workloads on-premises and off, with full visibility and control across your preferred mix of models. 

Top 4 Real-World Solutions

  1. Development: Projects can begin without waiting for capital budget approvals, server deployment and other obstacles. IBM offers flexibility by allowing you to deploy multiple POWER9 development environments as needed—scaled as required.
  2. Test: IT can build automated, full-scale environments that spin on-command to accommodate the transient nature of the environment. Test times get reduced, multiple tests can run in parallel, etc. This allows dev teams to troubleshoot, replicate, and resolve issues faster by using a virtually unlimited supply of LPARs for staging.
  3. Disaster Recovery: Systems of records, DB2 transactions, or ERP/CRM plans can remain resilient and highly available when off-site backup is needed.
  4. Enterprise application hosting: Flexible options for production hosting of enterprise software solutions, including the need for temporary capacity built to industry best practice enterprise architecture standards

Getting Started

Order IBM Power Systems Virtual Servers on IBM Cloud in Washington, D.C., Dallas, and Frankfurt, Germany for AIX and IBM i clients from the IBM Cloud Catalog.

Get technical on managing, creating, and deploying IBM Power Systems Virtual Servers on IBM Cloud inside our IBM Cloud Docs.

To learn more about customization options, solutions, pricing, onboarding, or to chat with one of our experts, visit our site.

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