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Gain Performance Improvements by Migrating to POWER9

Learn what performance gains you can experience by upgrading.

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Q: What top performance improvements can I get by migrating to POWER9?

Systems using the POWER9* processor have now been generally available for upwards of a year, which makes that a great question. With 14 nm technology and the 3.9 GHz speed, POWER9 boxes have up to 50% more performance than POWER8* boxes in default ship mode.

In fact, compared to POWER7+*, POWER9 offers over 2x more per core capacity.

When running AIX* 7.2 TL 3 on POWER9, the SMT mode will automatically default to SMT8 on a POWER9 LPAR, regardless of the compatibility mode. The performance benefits of POWER9 in SMT8 mode are noted across a variety of workloads, and the hardware performance is extremely robust in SMT8 mode.

When comparing an E950 to an E850, the E950 has 2x the I/O bandwidth with Gen4 slots over the Gen3 slots; NVMe flash internal boot devices for fast start with reduced latency and higher I/O per second (IOPS); and 4x the maximum memory. These key enhancements can be seen in the differences between the E950 and the E850 in Figure 3.