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IBM Garage Forges a Partnership for the Path Forward

IBM Distinguished Engineer Elisabeth Stahl explains how IBM Garage can help businesses innovate to overcome today's challenges.

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Pulitzer Prize-winning writers have editors. Professional athletes have coaches. And you have the IBM Garage™.

The IBM Garage enables your organization to partner with IBM’s technical experts as you pursue your business goals. In these uncertain times, it’s often challenging to determine the best way forward. The IBM Garage can help you plan a course of action for competitive advantage in your industry. 

Clear Communication and Co-Creation to Solve Your Business Problems

With the IBM Garage, you can engage with IBM designers, architects, data scientists and systems experts with decades of experience in such areas as infrastructure modernization, big data, IT security, AI and much more. Virtual co-creation sessions employ agile methodologies that partner IBM subject matter experts with your in-house talent to define big ideas and prototype solutions. 

These sessions aren’t just presentations devoted to IBM’s point of view; the focus is on your operations. What are your priorities? What keeps you up at night? Your specific business and technical needs drive the co-creation. 

Select the Solution That Fits Your Needs

Whether your goals are broad or narrow, IBM can help you move forward by applying a fresh set of eyes to your challenges. Focus areas cover a wide cross-section of technologies, from modernizing mission-critical business applications to implementing a hybrid cloud environment. Engagements with the IBM Garage are not one-size-fits-all; they’re tailored to what you want to work on.

There are four elements to working with the IBM Garage and you can select any or all of these options—it’s all about what best fits your needs. 


In a multihour Discovery workshop, IBM experts work with you to identify use cases that represent the value your organization is seeking. You will gain a deeper understanding of your IT infrastructure and leave with a comprehensive workshop report. 


In this multiday session, experts apply IBM Enterprise Design Thinking™ principles to your organization’s challenges, streamlining IT processes to identify a minimum viable solution that meets your business needs. 


This flexible option pairs your organization with an IBM Systems architect to define the framework for your desired solution. 

Minimum Viable Product (MVP) Solution

An MVP solution could be anything from an application design to recommendations for improving system performance or security. Experts from the IBM Garage work with your team to prototype a solution. 

The IBM Garage methodology combines agile practices with an outcome-first approach to quickly guide solutions from idea to concrete action. Take a quick virtual tour of the IBM Garage and register for an introductory session at no cost by contacting us at Let’s co-create together.  

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