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Applying Fixes for HMC V9R1

This post provides instructions for updating HMC Version 9.1.0 with the latest fixes for 9.1.0.

Here's a rundown of HMC V9R1 updates:
This document provides instructions for updating HMC Version 9.1.0 with the latest fixes for 9.1.0.
1. Verify the HMC is at Version 9 Release 1.0
If the HMC is not at 9.1.0, you must first upgrade to 9.1.0. To upgrade the HMC to Version 9.1.0, refer to document N1022499 , Model 7042/x86: Upgrading the HMC from Version 8.8.6 or Later to Version 9 or N1022504, Model 7063/ppc: Upgrading the HMC from Version to V9R1
2. Determine the type of HMC (x86 versus ppc)
Starting with V8R8.7 all HMC Recovery images, network images, iFixes, and Service Packs are published in two formats, x86 and ppc. There is a unique PTF number/download for each. Determine which PTF/download is need based on the HMC model or vHMC component.
x86 This term is used to reference HMCs running on 7042 Machine type or vHMC hosted by x86/Intel/AMD hardware and hypervisors (KVM, VMWare, Xen).
ppc Term is used to reference HMCs running on 7063 Machine type or vHMC hosted by Power servers.
Step 5 covers various update methods, including:
.iso images: Instructions for downloading the fixes and installing them from media
Ordering/Using DVDs: Instructions for ordering the media from IBM and installing from optical media.
Network: Instructions for installing the fixes directly from the IBM FTP site (or alternately a local FTP server).
At the end, you'll find instructions for backing up your HMC. Part of me wonders why that isn't the first item, but perhaps IBM hopes you'll take the time to read the whole thing before getting started:

This task backs up (or archives) the data that is stored on your HMC hard disk that is critical to support HMC operations.
Back up the HMC data after changes have been made to the HMC or information associated with logical partitions.
The HMC data stored on the HMC hard drive can be saved to a remote system mounted to the HMC file system (such as NFS) or sent to a remote site using File Transfer Protocol (FTP).
By using the HMC, you can back up all important data, such as the following data:
* User-preference files
* User information
* HMC platform-configuration files
* HMC log files
* HMC updates through Install Corrective Service.
Finally, keep your hardware firmware, HMCs, VIO servers, and AIX® servers at recommended levels so you don't run into avoidable problems.

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