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Power Systems December 2014

December 2014

Commodity servers are often the de facto standard but with Moore’s Law hitting a wall, commodity customers are getting less and less for what they pay. It’s time for them to consider the Power, which can accommodate growing workloads, scale up and offer stellar security.
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Power Systems November 2014

November 2014

A deeper look at IBM’s announcements of the Enterprise Power Systems E880 and E870 along with the new Power Systems S824L.
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Power Systems October 2014

October 2014

As business leaders across the C-suite recognize the link between a strong IT infrastructure and the ability to drive competitive advantage, they also understand that this dependency will grow with continued advances in big data and analytics, cloud, social and mobile technologies.
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Power Systems September 2014

September 2014

OpenPOWER Foundation was founded in 2013 as an open technical membership organization that will enable data centers to rethink their approach to technology. Member companies may use POWER for custom open servers and components for Linux-based cloud data centers as well as optimizing Linux software on POWER.
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Power Systems August 2014 Cover

August 2014

IBM’s healthcare solutions, technology and consulting enable organizations to achieve greater efficiency within their operations; collaborate to improve outcomes; and integrate with new partners for a more sustainable, personalized and patient-centric system focused on value.
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Power Systems July 2014 Cover

July 2014

IBM says the IT market has been very clear that new applications are being developed on Linux and OpenStack. Power technology is absolutely moving to the future with supporting Linux as a first-class platform.
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Power Systems June 2014 Cover

June 2014

The amount of data in the world is growing every second, and taking on more forms—structured and unstructured, in motion and at rest. Big data holds valuable insights that can transform a business. But without analytics, big data is just noise. Running analytics on a wide range of existing data combined with new data sources gives a more vivid picture of your business and the forces that affect it.
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Power Systems May 2014 Cover

May 2014

IBM announces POWER8 technology and the first generation of systems based on it. The company also pulls back the curtain on the new strategy for Power Systems as well as the first new version of IBM i, 7.2, in four years.
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Power Systems April 2014 Cover

April 2014

Security and compliance are vital to business. Between regulatory requirements and the economic risk of a security breach, businesses can’t afford to ignore security. A new security study sheds light on the risks but Power Systems technology is well positioned to handle it.
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Power Systems March 2014 Cover

March 2014

It always comes down to money. Is your IT making you money? How do you get cost efficiency? This issue addresses these questions and more about the economics of IT.
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Power Systems February 2014 Cover

February 2014

Power your business growth with IBM cloud computing solutions. You can innovate faster, give users the software they need, develop mobile applications and save time with self-service. With a broad cloud computing portfolio and deep cloud expertise, IBM can help you confidently realize the benefits of cloud.
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Power Systems January 2014 Cover

January 2014

As we enter a new year, we ask a new general manager, Doug Balog, what he sees as the top IT and Power Systems trends in 2014.
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