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Best practices and tools for continuous delivery of
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Announcing a webcast series on IBM DevOps solution for System z
Market shifts are fundamentally changing the way businesses approach software innovation. There is the exponential increase of empowered users and expectations for higher quality customer experience, an increasingly volatile economic and regulatory environment, and the emergence of technologies such as cloud, mobility, social and analytics. Enterprises need communication, collaboration and integration among customers, lines-of-business, software architects, developers, testers and IT operations to accelerate the delivery of quality software.

With its collaborative approach for continuous software delivery, DevOps helps establish easier, quicker handoffs from planning and development to deployment and other siloed areas.

With the DevOps approach, organizations can:

  • Deliver a differentiated and engaging customer experience to build customer loyalty and increase market share
  • Continuously obtain and respond to customer feedback
  • Capture markets with a fast-mover advantage
  • Improve predictability and success with quicker time-to-value of software-based innovation
  • Reduce waste and rework, and shift resources to high-value activities

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Technical level: Basic to intermediate

These complimentary webcasts were developed to address the educational needs of: IT and enterprise architects; IT managers; application developers and managers; system analysts; system programmers; operations managers

All sessions are one hour in length, beginning at 11 a.m. EDT / 3:00 p.m. GMT / UTC

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Session 1

IBM DevOps Solution: Accelerating the delivery of multiplatform applications
Mobile, social, big data and cloud technologies are driving the demand for new, faster and more frequent approaches to software delivery across all platforms, middleware and devices. In this session, IBM executives will discuss how IBM DevOps solution addresses culture, process and tools integration across the software delivery lifecycle – spanning distributed and mainframe environments. They will provide updates on the latest IBM System z tools and middleware offerings, and introduce the recent IBM acquisition of UrbanCode.

Hayden Lindsey, Vice President and Distinguished Engineer, Enterprise Modernization and Emerging Technologies, IBM Software Group
Mike Perera, Vice President, WebSphere®, CICS® and TPF on System z, IBM Software Group

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Session 2

IBM DevOps Solution: Continuous business planning to get cost out and agility in
Are you able to respond to business needs and customer demand in a timely manner while also managing the cost to deliver that value? In this webcast, you’ll learn about actionable strategies and techniques to get more out of your existing investments. Our experts will discuss how you can transform your application portfolio to reduce maintenance and development lifecycle costs and improve the decisions you make about technology investments.

Rick Slade, Rational® Tiger Team, Enterprise Modernization and IT Solution Architect, IBM Software Sales
Richard Szulewski, Senior Product Manager, Business Process, Rules and Events for System z, IBM Software Group

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Session 3

IBM DevOps Solution: Collaborative development to spark innovation and integration among teams
New mobile, social, big data and analytics projects demand a development process that is fast, integrated, creative and affordable. The needs of your business change quickly, too, making it necessary to re-prioritize work quickly and shift resources to different projects efficiently. With advanced, productive and unified development environments and middleware from Rational and CICS, you can apply talent across boundaries and keep the focus on innovation and high-quality code development and test.

Tim Hahn, Distinguished Engineer, Chief Architect for Enterprise Modernization, IBM Software Group
Danny Mace, Director, CICS Products, IBM Software Group

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Session 4

IBM DevOps Solution: Continuous testing to save costs and improve application quality
As teams move more quickly to meet customer demands, they need ways to ensure quality while keeping deliveries on time and costs under control. These challenges can be met by automating manual, repetitive tasks, including build, regression testing, integration testing, problem determination and functional validation. Join us and learn how to get started with automated testing and debugging, as you learn valuable service virtualization techniques.

Rosalind Radcliffe, Distinguished Engineer, Enterprise Modernization Solution Architect, IBM Software Group
Marty Shelton, Product Line Manager, Problem Determination Tools, IBM Software Group

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Session 5

IBM DevOps Solution: Continuous release and deployment to compress delivery cycles
Manual processes and efforts to deliver software changes across an enterprise are notoriously risky, costly, and error-prone. New deployment models and tools have come into play that help streamline collaboration between teams, standardize and automate repeatable tasks, thereby increasing deployment quality and repeatability while reducing risk and cost. Attend this session to discover how this new generation of release, deployment, and provisioning tools helps you improve your processes today, while positioning you for an easy jump to next-generation systems management in the future, saving days or even weeks of effort for every deployment.

David Myers, Product Manager, DevOps/Continuous Delivery for Mainframe and Mobile, IBM Software Group
Mike Baskey, Chief Architect for Cloud on System z, IBM Software Group

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