IBM Mainframe50: The Innovation Continues
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IBM Mainframe50
The Innovation Continues

IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe edition
March/April 2014 issue

When the original System/360 was announced April 8, 1964, it caused quite a stir as more than 100,000 people in 165 U.S. cities attended the announcement meeting for this innovative new server. Fast forward 50 years and the System z mainframe is still the platform on which many organizations run their businesses. However, the platform has continued to evolve and innovate providing new features and functions to the enterprises that are using the latest zEnterprise System.

Join us as we bring the platform to life with a look to the past and present but with a trained eye on the future of System z. IBM Mainframe50 coverage in IBM Systems Magazine (March/April 2014 issue) begins with an expansive look at the Mainframe’s innovation—published in print, interactive digital and the iPad App.

IN THE MARCH/APRIL ISSUE OF IBM SYSTEMS MAGAZINE, MAINFRAME EDITION, we look to the future of the platform, exploring present and future innovations that build upon the mainframe’s past successes to advance the System z platform.

The cover story of the issue features interviews with six bright and motivated Generation Zers who are conquering the IBM Master the Mainframe competition. Learn what they have to say about possible future careers on the platform.

The Master the Mainframe World Championship, an uber-competition featuring winners of past Master the Mainframe competitions, is the topic of one of the features.

Advances in virtualization, Linux adoption and cloud deployments are helping the mainframe make giant leaps in progress, according to Mike Desens, VP and business line executive for System z, in another of our feature articles.

In the IBM Perspective column, Desens talks about some recent announcements that will help propel the mainframe into the future.

The SHARE organization weighs in on its value to the mainframe community then and now in the SHARE Outlook column.



Forward Looking; Thinking

Mainframe Business Partners share thoughts on their roles during the storied history of the platform

Innovation has been and continues to be the hallmark of the IBM System z* mainframe. That innovation has come not only from IBM but also from the mainframe Business Partners who make up the ecosystem. The partners bring their solutions to the platform to provide added and essential software and services, helping further the mainframe’s growth.

This year as the venerable platform turns 50 on April 8, IBM continues to look to the future of big iron. Mainframe business partners are also forward-looking. On the following pages, we provide profiles of some of the partners as they share information about their companies’ past and present initiatives.


Join us as we capture IBM System z stakeholders and luminaries in a series of videos:

Transforming Industries with IBM System z

Ray Jones, vice president, IBM System z Software, talks about the ways in which the mainframe platform has transformed industry in the past and how that transformation continues today.

Embracing Transformation and Reinvention

Steve Mills, IBM senior vice president and group executive for Software and Systems, explains why companies must constantly change in order to stay ahead of the competition.

The System z Value to CIOs

Pat Toole, System z general manager, explains how the mainframe can help CIOs deliver value to their organizations.

The Promise of System z

Tom Rosamilia, senior vice president, IBM Systems and Technology Group and IBM Integrated Supply Chain, explains how the mainframe’s enduring promise of value delivers client results.

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