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IBM i 7.2 TR2 & 7.1 TR10 Announced

April 27, 2015

This week is already more than busy, with the COMMON Annual Conference happening here in Anaheim, but we’re adding more to the mix with an announcement of new IBM i 7.2 Technology Refresh 2 and IBM i 7.1 TR 10. Today’s blog gives the highlights of the announcement.
Whenever we have a TR, there are always several categories of new capabilities to talk about, and it’s hard to pick a “lead.” This time, I think I’ll start with some of the announcements in the area of Solution Enablement. One of the core pieces to the IBM i strategy is ensuring that we make new technology available that will be needed by the solutions that run our customers’ businesses. And, because we are focused on getting new things delivered between releases, we often have new items to offer our solution providers—even without a major release, as we did when we delivered RPG Free Form.
This time, the key announcements for solution providers are the availability of Java 8, and the introduction of the Python programming language on IBM i. Our joint development team has just completed work on the new IBM Java 8 support, so now the IBM i team can deliver our version. Python is the most requested heavily used language that was not already on IBM i, so it’s great to be able to give that option to our clients and solution providers. And then, there’s our announcement of a technology preview of a DB2’s JSON Store, another solutions-related capability.
But solution delivery is not the only highlight area receiving news in this set of TRs. We are also announcing that IBM i 7.2 TR2 contains support for native and VIOS attachment of the FlashSystem 900. Previously, IBM i required SVC to attach a Flash system. Flash technology provides significant performance advantages over standard hard drives, and allowing support of FlashSystem 900 without requiring SVC simplifies the environment.
It’s strange, though, as I write about this set of new capabilities, I am preparing to give a presentation at the COMMON Annual Conference about all of the new function we’ve delivered in the entire IBM i 7.2 release, as well as the TRs we’ve had. I had to add detailed charts on the items above, plus a long list of DB2 functions, more I/O options, new system management capabilities, and updates versions of IBM Software products available on IBM i. The list is so extensive, it’s making my already-long presentation much too long. I remain impressed at how much our development team can deliver now that we’re focusing on the Technology Refresh strategy.
All of the items I highlighted, plus many more, are described in developerWorks. Here is the link:
And now it’s time to go figure out how to put 2 hours of material into 75 minutes. Wish me luck!

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