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Joseph Gulla


Linux on System z Workloads Are Diverse

There are many open-source organizations that foster a significant number of projects that have created important and useful software. In this post, I will explain the options for workloads under Linux, both proprietary and open source.

Architecture Matters

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The Right Architecture Any Way You Choose to Scale It

In my previous blog post, “Power Systems Delivers the Balance Today’s Businesses Need,” I talked about how IBM Power Systems is a fit-for-purpose architecture with a balanced design that adapts to your business needs instead of making the business adapt to the technology.

Michael AM Felt


My Role-Based Security Questions for You

This year has been difficult for me to be "security minded." Besides security, I also do performance trouble-shooting and consultancy and this year that has kept me very busy. So, I do not feel like I have anything "new and improved" to share with you about how to improve the AIX security layer.

Dawn May

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IBM i 7.2 – Navigator Monitors

One of the many systems management enhancements in the 7.2 release was the addition of message monitors and system monitors to the IBM Navigator for i GUI. This is the first step in making Management Central functions available in the Web console. If you are on 7.1 or earlier, you already have these monitors with Management Central in the System i Navigator GUI. This blog highlights the major differences you’ll discover with the monitors on the 7.2 release.

Jon Paris and Susan Gantner


Old Programmers Never Die ...

A reader sent us a link to a discussion he thought would interest us and it did (thanks, Bill!). The subject is "Do people lose interest in programming as they age?" Hmmmmm … whatever do you think made him think of us?

Steve Will

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Modernizing–Bellamy & looksoftware

Well, it’s been a while since my last blog. I’ve enjoyed some vacation, relaxing with friends and family while I recharge my batteries. I’ve also started the annual Fall Plan and traveled to talk with a few customers, so the blog had to take a back seat for a while. But I’m back with another post in the series on the process of modernizing applications on IBM i.

Troy Coleman


DB2 Connect Support Info

Last week an issue came up with one of our applications, and we needed to find out which version of DB2 Connect is needed for a given version of DB2 for z/OS. Later, I noticed on the DB2-L mailing list a similar question about supporting DB2 Connect. In this case, the DB2-L member wanted to know which version of DB2 Connect was needed for a Windows 8.1 client.

Rob McNelly


Power Systems, Linux on Power Events Scheduled

I recently attended a no-charge Linux on Power workshop that's currently touring the U.S. In conjunction with this 1-day workshop, a 2-day Power Systems virtualization class is traveling the country as well. Both events are geared toward IBM customers, so see your local IBM rep or business partner representative to be nominated to attend.

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