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Joseph Gulla


ECC Conference: To Improve Education in Large Systems

This is the first of three posts on the Enterprise Computing Community (ECC) Conference that I attended June 14 to 16  in the mid-Hudson Valley of New York at Marist College. In this first post, I explain the ECC—its beginnings, focus and the structure of the conference that was the group’s seventh annual national event.

Michael AM Felt


Updating to the Latest AIX Technology Level

How about an update on the latest Technology Level on AIX? Why bother updating to the latest TL? Well, hopefully you’re already using aixpert for your basic hardening. If you’re not, I recommend using -- as a starting point -- the CIS benchmark for AIX 6.1 or 7.1. 

Dawn May

DAWN MAY | i Can | RSS

Introduction to IBM i System Limits and Maximum Capacities

We all know that IBM i is a very scalable platform. It supports businesses from the very small to the very large. However, as the workload running on an IBM i partition increases and becomes large, knowing the limits of your system becomes increasingly important.

Jon Paris and Susan Gantner


The Birth of a New RPG

As we noted in a recent blog post, RPG IV will be 21 years old this fall. In thinking about how we could celebrate this auspicious event at the upcoming RPG & DB2 Summit, Jon got to reminiscing about the "birth" of RPG IV. The following are his best recollections of those early days, but he's getting on in years and so undoubtedly others will remember things a little differently.

Steve Will

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Sometimes Silence Is a Good Sign

Well, hello, readers! My friendly neighborhood editor reminded me that I have not published something in this blog for, oh, 30 or 40 years, and perhaps it was time to write something about IBM i.

Troy Coleman


More on Safe Access Path Changes

Last week I discussed some parameters that are designed to prevent poor access path changes following a REBIND. As a follow-up, I want to tell you about another new feature introduced in DB2 11 that allows you to not only see current access paths, but determine if a new REBIND will introduce a poor access path change.

Rob McNelly


A Message Worth Repeating

I needed a bigger vehicle. Given my work with Boy Scouts, I spend considerable time on the road, hauling boys and their camping gear.

I wanted something big enough to comfortably contain eight or nine people and capably transport a trailer of supplies. I also wanted something that was reliable, well-maintained and a good value. I knew it'd take some time. Decently priced used vehicles like that don't become available every day, and they typically sell within hours of being advertised. But after a few months of searching craigslist, I found a Chevy Suburban that fit my needs and requirements.

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